Immigration has become a National problem of epidemic proportions. It has caused numerous overruns and breakdowns in our systems. It has cost us billions of dollars and still there is no solution or control. Immigration is a matter of the highest National security and priority.

Immigration is at the heart of America. Immigration is what built this country, but it was done legally. If you want to call that a “Nativist” than yes, we are more concerned with those that are legally in this Nation than those that have broken our laws and entered illegally. Undocumented aliens or back to the basics illegal immigrants would not be tolerated. Our borders and our laws must be enforced. Those caught must be properly dealt with according to our laws. Without it we would not have existed and without continued immigration we will not survive. With that being said, we believe we need controlled immigration, so the flow does not overwhelm our systems and structures and that current Americans do not suffer because of it.

First and foremost, our borders MUST be secured protecting those that are legally within our borders.

Illegal immigrants should not be entitled to any benefits this great Nation of ours has to offer including but not limited to welfare benefits, a driver’s license that will allow them to drive on federally funded roads and highways or any other benefit earned by legal immigrants and citizens. This also includes health benefits. Although we do believe they should be allowed emergency medical care but once they are found to be illegally in this country the proper authorities should be notified, and the illegal immigrant be immediately taken into custody.

Now the next question is what to do with all the illegal immigrants currently here. Because the problem is so enormous, we cannot expect to “round them all up and deport them”. I propose giving the illegal immigrants a period of 6 months to register with the federal government. Then through a legal process, be determined whether or not they can stay in the United States or be returned to their home country. If they fail to register, I believe that when they are found out whether by a routine police stop or found illegally employed, they should be immediately taken into custody and deported. Yes if an illegal never gets into trouble and is self-employed and never has a medical emergency, they are never found out, yes they would continue to live in this country.

Those caught illegally will be prosecuted and if it requires a new law, will not be allowed to legally enter this country for ten years.

We would also propose limiting the amount of time an immigrant can stay in this country without becoming a citizen to 10 years. After that time, they must return to their home country for at least 1 year before applying for entry into the U.S. again.

After all of this is in place and I do mean the systems established and working, we do need to revisit our legal immigration process. It takes way too long for an immigrant to become legal. The process is bogged down and way too cumbersome. The process needs to be “stream-lined” but not “steam-rolled”.

I submit to you that our immigration system is not broken but mismanaged. Yes there can be some “tweaks” here and there but the majority of the problem with the system is the management of it.